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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 24, 2012 8:00am-10:00am EDT

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good morning, everybody. i'm ben tracy. >> i'm rebecca jarvis. this is "cbs this morning saturday ". national outcry -- >> if i had a son, he would look like trayvon. >> the death of 17-year-old trayvon martin has sparked outrage and a heated american debate about race. >> no justice, no peace. charged -- >> staff sergeant robert bales faces 17 counts of premeditated murder, plus six counts each of attempted murder and assault. >> we're learning more about his
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troubled past as he prepares to defend himself for an alleged massacre in two afghan villages. broadway tim. a world of riches could be in store for tim tebow as he hit the great white way. >> not since another broadway hero has madison avenue been so excited. and hungry fans. they're lining up, dressing up and camping out. it looks like the "hunger games" will hit its target for a record weekend. to be my wedded wife -- >> and so much more. turn etch-a-sketch upside down, shake, and everything disappears. on "cbs this morning disappears. on "cbs this morning saturday," march 24, 2012. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome. we have a big show coming up today. and there's a show coming up tomorrow night that everyone is talking about. the premiere is back "mad men" tomorrow night. we'll speak with two of the show's stars about what's ahead this season. they left a lot of cliffhangers at the end of last season. >> a lot waiting for that. spring's eternal in duncan, oklahoma. they got married on a show called "brides and grooms" on cbs 60 years ago. they're still together. they'll be with us this morning so we can toast their diamond jubilee. >> and ask them how they did it, 60 years. what an accomplishment. we begin with a much more serious story. the growing outrage over the shooting death of trayvon martin. the nation's attention is focused on sanford, florida, north of orlando, where martin died almost one month ago. it is still making headlines across the country as we see in this morning's new york post.
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president obama has made his own concerns very clear in very certainly terms, underscoring the national interest in this story. anna werner is in sanford with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. what began as a shoot agent this flex in florida, in a town many people had probably never heard of before, has become a cause for thousands, including the president. ♪ give my heart ♪ >> reporter: this prayer vigil in sanford friday night was the latest show of support for slain florida teen trayvon martin and the flames sparked by his death at the hands of a neighborhood watchman is engulfing the country. as many as 8,000 people gathered in philadelphia last night to march in memory of the unarmed 17-year-old who was shot to death last month. and in miami, 12,000 students walked out of school friday, some showing solidarity by forming trayvon's initials on
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the school's football field. >> they're like our crutches, we're able to lean on the supporters and they're standing with us and they're going to stand with us till the end. >> reporter: president obama also weighed in on what he called a tragedy. >> if i had a son, he would look like trayvon. >> reporter: trayvon's parents believe he was murdered. george zimmerman, who admits he shot trayvon, told police he acted in self-defense. federal investigators now looking into the case have yet to interview zimmerman. he went into hiding due to death threats and hasn't spoken publicly but left this message yesterday for a fellow neighborhood watchman. >> they want to thank you for everything you've been doing. i know you don't have to. and i appreciate it. and you're truly setting an example for me for the future of just doing the right thing, even when it's tough. and i appreciate it.
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>> reporter: well, this case has even gotten the attention of nba players lebron james from the miami heat posted a photo on his twitter account yesterday showing miami heat players in hoodies with their heads bowed in support of trayvon martin. several of them took the floor with sayings sprawled on their sneakers say, we want justice and r.i.p., trayvon. >> thank you, anna. joining us is the criminal defense lawyer who represents the shooter in this case, neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman, attorney craig is in orlando. good morning to you, craig, thank you for being with us. >> good morning. so, when did you take this case, craig? how long have you known george zimmerman? >> at this point i'm representing mr. zimmerman in an advisory type position. since there have not been formal charges filed, i can't really enter a notice of appearance
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until -- >> when did you first make contact with zimmerman? >> the family made contact with me maybe a couple weeks ago, they called me and we discussed their case briefly. that's when the conversation started between us. >> and what are those conversations? what have been the discussions around the case? what has he told you about that night? >> well, actually today i'm not going to litigate the case on tv. there are facts that will come out as the investigation goes on. basically, mr. zimmerman was -- claims he was attacked by trayvon martin and he was defending himself. that's the gist of the case at this moment. >> some say in the police tapes, the 911 tapes, they can hear zimmerman using racial slurs in regards to trayvon martin. have you discussed those with him? and do you believe there's any racial motivation here?
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>> i don't believe there's any racial motivation on the behalf of george zimmerman. i have spoken with him on that issue. that's the issue we wanted to address today, is that this was not a racial issue. in what happened that day. mr. zimmerman has been involved in his community and with people in the african-american community. he was -- he and his wife were mentors to -- single mother to two -- a 14-year-old son, a 13-year-old daughter. they were mentors to them. took them every couple weeks. what that program included every other week, going for two or three hours, going to the mall, to the science center, going to lunch, playing basketball, doing those types of things. >> making this strictly -- i just want to come back to one point, mr. sonner, because we're short on time here. but if this is strictly a self-defense scenario, as you are suggesting, how are you going to prove that it was self-defense with zimmerman
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armed, carrying a gun, and this other individual, trayvon martin, carrying a pack of s. and ittles and an iced tea? >> again, i'm not going to litigate the case this morning. what i will tell you is i believe there is sufficient evidence to show that mr. zimmerman was acting in self-defense. he has injuries to his face, to the back of his head. and i think the evidence will show that he was acting in self-defense. and that it was not -- and that it was not racially motivated. >> is there anything that you would like to say to the family of trayvon martin? >> well, this is -- the end result of this entire situation is a tragic thing. my condolences for the loss of a child. i mean, there's nothing worse than the loss of a child. and my condolences to them. >> attorney craig sonner, thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. the military has charged
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robert bales with 17 counts of preed m premeditated murder. officials say it could be years before bales goes to whit johnson is in washington with more on bales' troubled past. >> reporter: court records show bales was in two separate drunken fights, one following alleged sexual misconduct with a woman. in 20 08 staff sergeant robert bales was described as extremely intoxicated when a woman claimed he thrust his hand toward her crotch and then fought with her boyfriend. he completed 20 hours of anger management after assaulting a security guard. military officials say bales was also drinking before the march 11th marssacre in which he allegedly killed 17 afghan civilians, including women and
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children, and then burned some of their body. crimes in combination worthy of capital punishment. >> this crime is still under investigation. so, what we saw most recently was the first step in a long process. >> reporter: at the center of bales' case is whether combat stress turned a good soldier bad. bales' attorney says his client has no memory of the alleged killings. he served four tours, was injured twice and suffers from ptsd. >> we've been in this war for ten years. so, this is something we haven't seen before. >> reporter: but some military mental health experts say there is no proof that ptsd can lead to violent acts. it's not enough for a complete defense either, says retired navy lawyer phillip cave. >> the severity of his psychosis, the impacts, those will have to be factors that will be explored. >> bales is now under 24-hour watch at ft. leavenworth,
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kansas. an evaluation will be under way to see if he's able to withstand trial. we turn to republican primary race. polls show santorum has a huge lead over mitt romney. to get the latest from chip reid in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rebecca. whatever happens today in louisiana, mitt romney supporters say he is so far ahead in the delegate race that he can't possibly lose to rick santorum. they're urging santorum to get out of the race. but santorum is ignoring that advice and campaigning like this race is his to win. rick santorum started the day with a bang in louisiana friday, a state where he leads in the polls by double digits. and in one new poll by a whopping 16 points, 43-27. even so, santorum spent much of the day on the defensive. >> over my dead body would i vote for barack obama.
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>> reporter: a day earlier in texas he seemed to suggest he would prefer president obama over a candidate like mitt romney. >> i think it would be different might as well stay with what we ask instead of taking a risk of what may be the etch-a-sketch candidate for the future. >> reporter: he spent much of friday explaining what he had meant. >> i'll vote for whoever the republican nominee is, if i work for them. barack obama is a disaster. but we can't have someone who agrees with him on some of the biggest issues of the day. >> our next president, governor romney. >> reporter: while romney is trailing in louisiana he's riding a wave of momentum nationally after his big win in illinois tuesday. a gallup poll shows him leading santorum with his highest level yet of national support from republicans. determined to play the front-runner, romney kept his focus on president obama. on the second anniversary of health care reform. >> most americans want to get rid of it and we're among those americans. i want to get rid of it, too.
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>> reporter: next week romney will do a west coast fund-raising swing. he's expected to start focusing more on the campaign against barack obama and raidsing money for that race instead of the day-to-day campaigning against rick santorum. >> chip reid in washington, thanks, chip. also in washington this morning is associate editor of "the hill" newspaper. good morning. we're talking about rick santorum still. it looks like if the polls are to be believed he'll put this out in louisiana. how much relevance does he still have left in this race as mitt romney seems more and more inevitable? >> not much. he was well on his way to really derailing mitt romney's path to nomination in february, but he did not score victories in michigan and ohio and illinois, states that would proven to the party that mitt romney simply couldn't cut it. because romney eked out victories there, a big one in illinois, you see santorum left with southern states that mitt
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romney is likely as the gop nominee to win in the fall anyway. so, a victory in louisiana will be good for santorum. doesn't change the math at all. mitt romney still has a two to one delegate advantage over rick santorum, like the week before last, the week before last, the week before last, and next week as well. the math is pretty much over for rick santorum. wisconsin would be his last stand on april 3rd. he has plummeted in the polls there. i doubt he can win there and i think it will be over on april 3rd. >> you mentioned how important those southern states are. clearly when the general election comes around, that's so important. do you think romney will have a problem down south or does everything change when he becomes the nominee? >> well, what the republican party is hoping that everyone is so united in trying to beat president obama that mitt romney will have support of republicans everywhere, even in states that he lost. what they're concerned about is grass roots enthusiasm and energy, donations, volunteering,
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peopling getting out on the ground, trying to help get the vote out, and that enthusiasm could cost him some votes. will he win against president obama? of course. they want to run up votes wherever they can. they're particularly concerned about independents, you know, as they face off against president obama, who continues to improve with them. as for the base, they really need to build excitement once he is officially the nominee to make sure the base is enthusiastic and not just voting for him. >> thanks so much. now we turn to the battle over the president's health care law. on monday oral arguments began before the supreme court where the nine justices will decide whether part of the law are unconstitutional or constitutional. people have already begun camping out there. hoping to catch a glimpse of this historic proceeding. jan crawford is in washington with what we can expect. good morning to you, jan. >> good morning, rebecca. what do you expect?
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>> well, this is going to be -- when you hear all the people talking about these arguments, they use words like historic, landmark. like you said, people have already started lining up to get one of those prized seats inside the courtroom. as you know, no cameras in the courtroom. you don't have immediate audio, so the only way people can see these cases is to stand in line or be lucky enough to get a ticket. the reason that these cases are so closely watched is because of the sweep and scope, the impact they will have on every single person in this country. >> and they're so politically charged as well, jan, as you pointed out previously, and polls right now are showing that most americans, the majority of americans, are still opposed to the individual mandate within the health care law. and most people that are looking at this, the expert, yourself included in this, are saying the individual mandate is what this case is going to come down to. >> that's the ball game. that's what all the opposition always has centered around. you're going to hear these words, individual mandate thrown
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around a lot. what that really means is can the government force you to buy health insurance? obviously, opponents say no, that's totally unconstitutional. congress has never done that in the history of our great nation, during war, the cold war. they've never forced us to buy wheat or war bonds going back to the beginning of our founding, so congress simply can't make you buy something that you don't want to buy. if they allow -- force to you buy insurance and the next thing you know, they'll be forcing us to buy broccoli and fuel efficient cars and all those other things that are supposed to be so good for us. but the government says, that's not true. health care is different. eventually everybody's got to buy health care. we want to go ahead and make it where it's efficient and where it works for everyone. you'll see those constitutional arguments, but what they mean is do all of us have to buy health insurance, even if we don't want it or will it bring a lot more millions and millions of people into health care coverage that don't already have it. these are huge issues, not only legally, politically, and also
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practically for all of us. >> jan, we're short on time here. i want to ask you, without that individual mandate suggesting that everyone in this country under federal law has to own health insurance by 2014, can the policy work? can they get the scale to actually make health care country? >> this -- that's a great question. this is a huge law. there are lots of other issues and components. some have already taken effect. children under 26 have to be able to remain on their parents' insurance, even restaurants have to show nutritional information on menus. a whole different provisions like that. if the individual mandate falls and the concedes so many other things in the law will work, the fact that insurance companies cannot deny people coverage with preexisting conditions, you can't jack up your rates if you've been sick in the past. they won't work because they need to have everybody to participate in the insurance policy to afford the more
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expensive coverage. so this is huge. >> thanks, jan crawford. let's turn to cbs news correspondent betty nguyen. >> good morning. don't we look spring-like today. >> we're ready for it. >> and it feels like it outside. good morning. a man is jailed this morning in sacramento, california, accused of trying to carry a gun through a security checkpoint. harold waler was arrested as he was about to board a usa airways flight to phoenix. authorities say he had four loaded guns and eight more weapons were found in his car. a new york city police detective will be fired, three others forced to resign in connection with the shooting death of an unarmed black man six years ago. sean bell was killed following his bachelor party in 2006. the white officers said they thought bell was armed. three detectives were tried in the shooting and acquitted. pope benedict is in mexico this morning. his first visit to that country. tens of thousands of the
8:20 am
faithful greeted the pope yesterday when he arrived for a three-day visit. they say he brings a message of peace to a nation ravaged by deadly drug violence. he's expected to speak about the blood shed when he celebrates in outdoor mass tomorrow. imagine this, waking up one morning to find a car in your swimming pool. look at that. that's exactly what happened to a homeowner in vancouver, washington. this happened yesterday morning. during the night, a guy somehow drove his car off the road, through a fence and right into the swimming pool. now, the driver was taken to a hospital. the car had to be, as you see right there, lifted out of the water by a crane. i've had some pretty interesting weekends. nothing like that, thankfully. >> well, you know, hey, i woke up with a couple lampshades on my head. never the pool. let me talk to you about this picture i have behind me. this is the beautiful west side of new york city. here we -- right here is the
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boat house. a great looking shot. let's get to the weather headline. after all, it's the first weekend of spring. it's really been summer-like in the northeast. augusta, maine, last week had temperatures in the 80s. this week you'll have temperatures in the 40s. it's all because of a low pressure system you can see spinning right here. it will spin in cooler air, cloud cover and some rain for the northeast. speaking of rain, you know, it's springtime you think, flooding concerns but the national weather service says 80% of the country will be below normal or normal in terms of flooding concerns because we have not had the snow and the soil is not saturated. here's a closer look at the weather for your weekends. and i hope you have a great
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saturday. guys, over to you. >> thank you so much, lonnie. this is one you'll like because you've been reading the series, unless you've been in a deep cave or another planet you know the "hunger games" opened in movie theaters nationwide friday. it's broken a lot of records at the box office already. >> and the hollywood reporter is saying it's on track to make $140 to $150 million just this weekend, making it one of the ten biggest movie opens ever. brian rooney looks at the "hunger games" frenzy. >> reporter: the draw for a young audience is a story about surviving the trials of adolescence. actually, surviving them. >> 24 and only one come out. >> reporter: based on a popular trio of books, the "hunger games" is a world in which teenagers have drafted into a fight to the finish survival game. >> two, one -- >> reporter: talk about teenage
8:23 am
angst, the no nonsense girl who hits the prime target for making money. >> amazing. >> reporter: opening numbers put it in a league with "harry potter" and vampires of twilight. >> word of mouth used to be something that took days to happen. with facebook and twitter, it happens instantaneously. the good news for the "hunger games" is all the social networking seems to be positive. >> the crush at the box office is not the only if he nphenomenn created this crazy. archery, crowds are building at ranges and the archery industry report a 20% rise in equipment sales in the last year. much of the sport's growing popularity, attributed tributed to a teenage girl now killing the competition, at the box
8:24 am
office. brian rooney, los angeles. >> i can't wait to see that one. >> it will be good.
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coming up, outrage over the "r" rating given to a documentary about bullying. we separate facts and [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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beautiful saturday morning. welcome to "cbs this morning saturday," i'm rebecca jarvis. >> i'm ben tracy. a documentary on bullying, you'll meet the director and the girl who's trying to lower the rating. >> we'll take a pop quiz to see if we know the right ways to get our minds and bodies in shape now that the warm weather is here. also, the robot, president obama's nominee to head the world bank. why he's rapping is just one of our stories "behind the headlines". we're looking forward to that. first, our top story this half hour. the death of 17-year-old trayvon
8:31 am
martin has renewed the long national debate on race relations in america. despite having an african-american president and attorney general, relations between police and minorities appear to be as strained as ever. black parents are asking if their kids will ever live in an america where justice is truly color blind. >> joining us now to talk about this is reverend calvin budde, pastor here in new york, and president of state university, and former mayor of baltimore. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> thank you. >> the one thing i was thinking about when we were talking about this is we hear the phrase post-racial america used a lot. is that just a red her ring? do we actually live in a post-racial america? >> we live in a america that's better off racially than it was, shall we say, when i was born. we've seen a number of significant changes, including the election of a president who is african-american.
8:32 am
but that does not take away the serious race problem that we in this nation. >> i want to talk about -- we were talking this morning about the talk african-american parents have with their children about how to act, how to behave. and a quote from jonathan capehart in "the washington post" struck me. he said, these are some of the rules he talks about. don't run in public. don't run while carrying anything in your hands. don't talk back to the police. i'm curious, is this a very common thing that all african-american parents have this talk with their children? >> well, i don't know if all, but certainly most do. i know i did with my son. in addition to being former mayor, i was also a prosecutor. i was chief prosecutor in baltimore. and i understand that there are certain rules that you have to talk to your children about. but, you know, in this particular case, i found that whites and blacks are achieving
8:33 am
common ground. when you don't think about the race of either zimmerman or trayvon martin, if you just think to yourself, what would you say to your son as he's walking home -- to your home and somebody is following him in a car, a stranger gets out of the car with a weapon, and approaches him. do you tell your child, go talk to this individual? or do you tell them to walk away or try to find safety? and when people think about it in those terms, they understand that trayvon should have continued. this was not a police officer. this was an armed stranger. so, you know, when we think about it in those terms, i believe we can come to some common understanding that trayvon had no duty to stop to talk to zimmerman. and zimmerman clearly went way beyond what the law requires. >> reverend butts, dean brings up an interesting point. this situation could be way the
8:34 am
racial issues, could be a situation that a lot of people could find common ground and a common appreciation for, it being maybe not a good thing, a bad thing, a very bad thing. when you look at the situation and the fact that it has been painted with a racial brush, do you think that is a positive or a negative for race relations going forward? >> i think it's a reality. and i think it's going to be both positive and negative. it's stirring up a lot of racial tension. but that stirring up of the racial tension will help us to drill down more on the issue of race. the president says it could have been his son. he's speaking as a parent and also a person of appear cof afr descent. moreover, this is a question of how concerned americans are of our personal security. this is not isolated. we have ramali graham in new
8:35 am
york where a district attorney is doing nothing. where mayor is very quiet. where police commissioner has said nothing. and this is a question of a police officer bargeing into a home without any warrant and shooting an individual in their own bathroom. we have some serious problems this case will help us to drill down on, and race is just one of them. >> just a few seconds here. but i'm curious, we talk about the that african-american parents are having with their kids. what can white parents talk to their kids about to combat stereotypes that seem to persist? >> i think they need to sit down and talk about the racial history in this nation. i think they ought to talk more about our common humanity. these are the things, for example, that drchltd ki. king to bring us together on. since then there's been a terrible trend in our nation to push apart on racial issues.
8:36 am
i think it's about keeping the masters divided. if you can use the hopes of race to keep poor people separated, there's always a group that sits up top raking in all the profits. that's a reality. >> dean, what do you think about that? >> well, it's certainly my hope now that the governor in florida and the florida legislature will listen to the chiefs of police in the major cities in florida. the chiefs of police argued strenuously against adopting this law that zimmerman is now using for self-defense. they said it was going to lead to these kind of tragedies. there's an opportunity now to repeal these laws, to go back to traditional self-defense laws and hopefully that will prevent these types of tragedies occurring in the future. >> it's a tough topic but an important one. thank you for being here. now we turn to lonnie quinn with another check of the weather. >> good morning to you.
8:37 am
want want to get to the picture over my holder. if you've been to central park in new york city, you know what this is. that's the carousel. a cool looking shot right there. let me give you my weather headline because it will be 10 to 20 degrees cooler in the northeast today. meanwhile, 10 to 20 degrees warmer in the plains. it's all due to the same low pressure system. it's leaving one area and it's entering another. it's leaving the plain states. you'll see the sunshine there. beautiful day on tap for you. meanwhile, here's the spin. it's pushing into the northeast. it's going to be sort of rainy and raw out there. take a look here. i'm talking from boston down to richmo richmond. you'll catch the rainy weather, the cooler temperature. meanwhile, the plain states, i mean, lincoln, witch witch, ft. smith, looking at temperature of 20 to 30 degrees above normal for this time of year. that's a quick look at the national picture. here's a closer look at the weather for your weekend.
8:38 am
you know, look, it may be the first weekend of spring. keep in mind, there will be mountain snow out west. two feet in the higher elevations. >> thank you. up next, a new documentary on bullying is set to open and it's been left with an r-rating. we'll talk to the movie's director and the young girl who started an online petition to change the rating so more kids can see it. i want healthy skin for life.
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♪ a new documentary on bullying opens on friday. it's already creating some
8:42 am
controversy. it's call "bully" and follows five kids and their families. >> the teacher was calling roll and said boys and then he said girls and paused and said, kelby. >> the movie has been given an "r" rating, sparking an online petition to get the rating lowered to pg-13 so more kids can see it. joining us is lee hurst who directed the documentary and katie butler which started the campaign which has more than 450,000 signatures. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> lee, i watched this film last night. i have to say, it was troubling as well as moving. why do you think more kids knee to see this and knee to have access to it? >> yeah, i think that millions of kids are dealing with bullying day in and day out. not only here but abroad. so, the access to this film belongs to kids. this story was made not only for
8:43 am
them but for them in a way. it's sort of -- i mean, you and understand that in a way and speak to that, but we really think kids ought to see the film because it's for them. >> what about the argument of kids ought to see the film, they could see it with their parents, with an "r" rating on it. do you agree with that from watching it, as a child, i could see having the conversation with my parents and getting something out of that krvrgs because we saw the film together. >> a lot of parents said, thank you for this film because i can go with my kid and i'll have an opportunity or framework to have a very difficult conversation that i've never really known how to broach before. but a lot of kids have also written us and said, my parents will never -- would never in a million years take me to see this film. not only because it's rated "r" but because they wouldn't have the time or they would choose to see something much more action or comedy with their one night
8:44 am
off. you can't trust parents will make that choice. also, you may not want to get with your parents, right? >> absolutely. >> katie, you launched this online petition that's gotten an amazing response. why was it so important for you to get involved in this? >> i started my position on to change the rating because when i was in middle school i was bullied for being openly gay. when i saw this new movie was coming out, i thought it had such a great message and was so powerful and could change the climate of bullying in the united states. having that "r" rating makes it really hard for kids to see it and really, really hard for it to be shown in schools and i want to make sure all of the kids can see it and all of the schools can show it. >> how awesome is katie. 500,000 people have signed this thing. >> viewers will say, if the sticking point is profanity, why not take some of it out so it can reach a wider audience? >> well, we talked about this.
8:45 am
what does that language hold for you? what is the meaning of it? >> i mean, that language is the language kids use in school every day, that's the language they use to bullying me. everyone hears me. they don't go to school and edit it out. it weakens the message. >> words have power. if you're telling a true story about bullying, that actually matters because what we're trying to do is establish what it looks like, what it feels like, what it looks like to walk in the shoes of someone that goes through this. if you cut that out, if you minimize that, it's one more act of society going, kids will be kids, it's not that bad. i think what we're trying to do is honor actually what really happens to katie, what happened to me and i was bullied and other kids. >> it's an important film. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> awe om. thank you. coming up next, we take a look at fact or fiction. ben and i will be taking a spring quiz to see what we
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♪ doctor doctor give me the news i got a bad case of loving you ♪ >> in this morning's "healthwatch," a spring quiz. now that the new season is here and everyone is thinking about getty healthy and back in shape. >> how much do we know? d dr. orden is here to test us. >> your spring health smarts. >> we love that. >> did you know you were going to get a pop quiz? >> no. it's early. >> no pressure. >> good deal. >> ladies before gentlemen. myth or fact. drinking eight glasses of water a day will help you lose weight? >> fact. >> i'm going with myth. >> smart guy. >> what? >> that's a myth. and this advice still persists with trainers, with people trying to lose weight. it sort of makes sense if you fill yourself up with water,
8:50 am
maybe you will eat less but no scientific basis that drinking that extra water -- be like your dog. drink when you're thirsty. your brain will tell you when it's time to drink. you don't need to drink more water than that otherwise you'll be spending a lot of time you know where. number two, ben you're up, myth or fact, daily crunches and torso twists will not get rid of the unsightly love handles. >> none to speak of. >> they're there. trust me. i'm going with fact because i've tried it and it doesn't work. >> that is a fact. >> there you go. >> it does not work. there's no such thing as what we call spot removal. you have to do the whole package, combining diet and exercise if you want a certain area to budge. in fact, to get rid of a pound of interabdominal fat you have to burn 3500 calories. when you burn calories, you're burning the whole body, so you would have to burn a lot more than -- >> how about our next question?
8:51 am
sorry. got to move you along. >> stretching before running will help reduce the chance of soreness and injury? >> myth. >> correct. so smart. this was a recent study, 2011, static stretching can actually lead to injuries. what you want to do is a five-minute warm-up and a five-minute cool down to prevent injuries. number four, ben you're up, final question, final jeopardy here, taking multivitamins every day will improve your health. >> myth. >> she hit that fact. 40 million americans take vitamins every day. no scientific basis it's doing anything for you. you should be getting everything you need through a good well-balanced -- >> we get everything we need through you. >> well said. i love that. >> thanks, doc. >> i'm going to stop buying my multivitamins. >> for more tips on how to get ready for the change in season, go to and search
8:52 am
"spring." thank you, doctor. we appreciate it. coming up next, the 93-pound fifth grader who just broke a weight lifting world record. that and other stories "behind the headlines" when we come back. when bp made a commitment to the gulf, we were determined to see it through. here's an update on the progress. we're paying for all spill related clean-up costs. bp findings supports independent scientists studying the gulf's environment. thousands of environmental samples have been tested and all beaches and waters are open. and the tourists are back. i was born here, i'm still here and so is bp.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
now it's time for a look behind the headlines at a few stories you might are missed this week. next time you see rod blagojevich he'll look a lot different. the ex-governor of illinois is serving a 14-year prison sentence for corruption and his barber shop says the colorful inmate's thick head of hair will turn gray because he's been dyeing it for years. president obama nominated jim jung kim to head the world bank. he has a few extra talents including the ability to channel
8:56 am
will i. am. ♪ come on let's go >> if that doesn't get people to go to dartmouth, i don't know what will. >> doing the robot and rapping to the black-eyed peas. having fun during his school's "idol" finals a few weeks ago dwloo that looks like fun. idol finals, is that what you call it? a 10-year-old girl has just broken a world record for weight-lifting. naomi is just 93 pounds. there you see her. let's see what she can do. 93 pounds. and there she goes. she squatted 215 pounds before a packed house in texas, breaking the weight class for her record. she says she's always beating the boys in school and that's why her fans call her super girl. >> so when a 10-year-old girl says, she can lift more than
8:57 am
you? >> that's is true. >> that's impressive. >> we'll be right back.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
a sunny new york city. welcome to "cbs this morning saturday," i'm rebecca jarvis. >> i'm ben tracy. you could call him broadway tim. tim tebow is taking new york by storm. we'll take a look at how pz passionate faith and marketing power will play in the bright lights of the big apple. the most anxiously premiere this season "mad men" back tomorrow night. we'll talk to two of the show's stars about what we can expect this season. there they are. >> i love this story. you'll meet an amazing couple. cyrus and joanne saying "i do" 60 years ago right here on cbs.
9:01 am
they are with us this morning. we are going to celebrate their diamond anniversary in high style. >> i am looking forward to that. there is nothing to celebrate about our top story this half hour. the shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin in sanford, florida. anna werner is there this morning. earlier, we had an exclusive interview with the attorney who's advising the admitted shooter neighborhood wochman george zimmerman. i asked him about zimmerman's claim of self-defense. >> what i will tell you is i believe there is sufficient evidence to show that mr. zimmerman was acting in self-defense. he has wounds -- injuries to his face, to the back of his head. >> anna, my question is, how do you believe this defense is going to play in sanford, florida? >> reporter: well, i'm sure it depends, as you know, on the individual, rebecca, but i think it's helpful to look at the context here. the city manager was quoted as saying the other day that racial
9:02 am
tensions between the black community and the sanford police department here go back ten years. also the head of the seminole county naacp said there was very little trust or confidence from the black community when you talk about the police department. there have been other incidents, too, that people have questioned in the police department's handling of other cases that involves family members of other officers. when you look at that context, it seems the questions are not going to go away soon here about racial motivations and racial tensions still do exist here. >> absolutely. and it will continue to stay in the national spotlight, too. thank you, anna, we appreciate it. we turn to cbs news correspondent and morning news anchor, betty nguyen. >> good morning to you. president obama is traveling to seoul, south korea, this morning for a three-day meeting with world leaders on preventing nuclear terrorism. mr. obama has described nuclear terrorism as the greatest threat
9:03 am
to american national security. north korea, which has nuclear weapons, will not be represented at the meeting. there are some tense moments aboard international space station this morning as a piece of space junk came too close for comfort. before part of an old russian rocket sailed past the station, the six crew members on board, including two americans, took shelter in escape capsules just in case. happily, we are able to report, there was no collision. there's been a rare find in the world of classical music. it's the lost work of mozart. it was played yesterday on the mice row's own home on his own piano in austria. allen pizzey has more. >> reporter: there are a lot of notes and chords between this, but this is where some of the world's most beautiful and classical music began. the score was penned by wolfgang mozart in either 1767 or 1768
9:04 am
when he was 11 years old. simply titled "very quick" the lively 84 bars were in a notebook found stored in an attic. mozart is the mainstay of the austrian tourism industry so it's probably only a matter of time before copies of the notebook are on sale. the handwriting in the book was not that of his father's, it was italian for wolfgang mozart jr. those who played for the first time were no doubt the notes of the prodigy that became a genius. this is not the wok of musician, he says. you can ens the little details of a formidable musician he will become. allen pizzey, cbs news, london. >> what an exciting find. four minutes past the hour. time to head over to lonnie quinn who knows his way around the piano as well, don't you? >> yeah, i know my way around. >> one way around.
9:05 am
>> from one end to the other end, can't touch the keys. this is just an iconic picture. new york harbor. looking at lady liberty right there. it's a live shot showing our skies right now in new york city, we're looking okay but it's going to cloud up and get rainy as well. satellite and radar shows what i'm talking about. storm system, bringing cooler, damper weather to the northeast. beautiful for the plain states and higher elevations out west. this storm will get its act together. above 7,000 feet you can be seeing up to 2 feet of snow. i want to give you my zip day forecast. what's that? that is the city where the date matches the zip code. who's got today's zip date? well, it would be panama city, florida. it is march 24, 2012, panama city today, 81 degrees. sunshine but you got that afternoon shower chance, a thunderstorm mixed in. here's a closer look at the weather for your weekend. pronamel
9:06 am
iso active. helps protect your teeth from acid. >> have a great saturday. the toast of new york, tim tebow is a new york jet and a devo devout christian is starring a new chapter in his life. is all the hype, throwing him to the lions? seth doane takes a look. >> reporter: on monday a curtain will be lifted on the tim tebow era in new york, but even before the debut, it already has the twists and turns of a broadway drama. new york's a town that loves the dramatic, and so does tebow,
9:07 am
something the jets witnessed last season when tebow ran for a 20-yard game-winning touchdown with under a minute remaining. his success in denver, along with his public displays of faith, have built tebow a cult following. >> i'm a tebow fan. i go where he goes. >> reporter: it's an open question how tebow will play under the microscope of new york. both as a backup quarterback to mark sanchez and as a proth la tiesing evangelical christian. >> maybe he's really going to sign shine. >> reporter: we asked new yorker ann priest, father edward beck. >> a lot of sensibility in new york. i think it's going to be a nice antithesis to the perception of new york, what people think about new york, to have tebow in our midst. >> reporter: the bright lights of new york could make tebow an even bigger star. like jets quarterback joe namath, known as broadway joe, whose brash style made him a cultural icon and marketing superstar.
9:08 am
to see if tebow becomes broadway tim, we'll have to see how this story plays out. for "cbs this morning saturday," seth doane in new york. >> joining us is will leetch, founder of the sports blog and sports columnist for "new york" magazine. >> and professor of marketing at columbia university who's worked for the new york knicks and the philadelphia 76ers. great to have you with us. >> thanks, guys. >> thanks. >> joe namath has come out and said this is a publicity stunt but the question is, it going to pay off for tebow? >> it can. i think everyone has to remember he was very savvy before he won two national championships at florida, heisman trophy. he has chances. he had a jockey deal before he came here. >> and jockey's already put up a billboard as a result of this announcement. what do you think? >> it's still different.
9:09 am
certainly tebow is popular and been -- it's still different here. you know what i mean? jeremy lin within three days there was a kardashian rumor. in a lot of ways it's different. it's a different spotlight. it's strange, too, because he was starting in denver and won't necessarily be starting here. certainly it will be strange in a lot of ways to have the most popular recognizable player on the jets' backup quarterback get a few sflaps a game. >> this is the biggest media market in the world. how do you think the whole aspect of his faith, which is what everyone talks about, how do you think that will play in new york verse how it played in denver? >> there's a perception. there's a lot of church here. this is not -- i think he'll embrace. frankly, there was a lot of talk of whether he had the decision to come here or jacksonville. i think he's embraced it because this is a whiter state. this something he's always been prepared of. this is something he believes. this is not something he's fake about. he loves to have as many people
9:10 am
see it as possible. >> do you think awe the attention will push him more onto the field than if he wasn't already in the spotlight? >> no. i think it will -- he has to play very well in the role that the jets are going to assign to him. what that role is, we'll find out. everybody's got to remember, they have an outstanding can quarterback and a marketable guy, mark sanchez, ahead of him already and it's come out he'll be the starting quarterback. if tebow can fit into that role and do very well, there are marketing opportunities he can handle. on the religious side, it's a tremendous stage for him. >> how do you think this will affect the team dynamic if you have the backup quarterback being so pop larp even with sanchez name in the front? we talked about it beforehand, but the jets have brought in some figures in the last year that brings in another mix to the locker room. the nfl is all about chemistry. they have to come together in the locker room and that will translate into the business side as well. >> the major issue is, you know, tebow, everyone is when is tebow going to be in? the minute sanchez throws an interception, okay, bring in
9:11 am
tebow. i think that's going to be an issue for the jets every game this year. >> on some levels, it keeps the excitement there and keeps fans coming to the game. it may behoov the jets not to play him to keep that spark alive. >> from a marketing standpoint, the yet have their thanks. appreciate it. coming up next, two stars from the hit amc show "mad men" talk about the big premiere tomorrow night [ lech ] acid erosion is a growing problem.
9:12 am
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9:15 am
i can't speak for everyone here, but i like you. >> and i like you. >> but you don't know me. >> but i will make that effort if given the opportunity. >> pardon? >> those are two of our favorite characters on the wildly popular amc series "mad men" which returns with a two-hour premiere tomorrow night after a 17-month hiatus. good morning with us is ben, who plays the steaming pete campbell. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> and i notice the two of you were holding hands through that segment. it seems like there's a lot of camaraderie between the two of you, at least? >> there's camaraderie between
9:16 am
the entire cast. >> the whole lot. >> a lot of ribbing going on. not only practical jokes but, you know, kidney punches and stu stuff like that. >> the two of you in the green room moments ago were literally jumping on top of each other. you were wrestling. >> yes. >> tell me this, you go for almost a year and a half not coming back. was there ever a sense that maybe that was it? that was the final? >> i didn't believe that. >> nor did i. i kind of always knew the powers that be would say -- they would come to their senses and say, this is a show that needs to come back. >> come to their senses thing was, you know, it was -- it was a question of when not if. >> yeah. usually we start airing the show about four weeks after we start filming it. this year they wanted to schedule us at a different time in the season, so we actually weren't gone from filming that much longer than usual. we just -- we moved the air date
9:17 am
back. >> that's a pretty quick turn-around. have you done the entire season at this point? >> yes. >> do you know ultimately what will happen to pete and lance? >> lane. >> i'm sorry, lane. >> that's all right. >> i know exactly what will happen to lance. >> absolutely nothing. i want to talk about lane, though, because lane, i've heard, was sort of molded after your stepfather. >> well, a little bit. in terms of trying to get a reference for the character -- >> who was your stepfather? >> weren't you paying attention last night? >> no. >> rex harrison. >> yep. >> i did, in items of his -- in terms of his appearance. my stepfather used to -- you would see him writing a letter. and he'd finish it. and he'd be in this sort of flaxen cardigan and he would go upstairs and put on a
9:18 am
three-piece suit, a camel hair overcoat, his professor higgins hat, go find his dog, put it on a leash, walk 30 feet to the -- out to the corner, post the letter, come back in, take everything off again. >> really? >> yeah. >> that's not something you'd do? >> i personally would never do that, but i can see lane doing that. >> what's going to surprise us the most about this season? >> nice. >> well, we can't give anything away. >> that's no fun. >> i know. it is fun when you watch it. because you don't know what's going to happen. >> but the writers of this show have an amazing way of knowing their characters. so, they found ways to continue to surprise the audience but not reach too far away from who the characters are. >> so, you're going after roger, pete is going after roger? >> where we left it in season four, pete was already going after roger.
9:19 am
so, we'll see if that story line picks up again. >> i have a feeling it will. >> i will say is that if you look at -- after you've seen the whole season, you go back and watch the two-hour premiere again, everything that happens unfolds in the season is there in that first two hours. all the building blocks for everything that happens is right there in that two hours. >> so, watch it carefully. >> or come back the at the end of the season and watch it again. >> thanks so much, guys. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. remember, the fifth season of "mad men" premieres tomorrow night on amc. coming up next, a couple married 60 years ago right here on cbs and their incredible love story next. >> announcer: this morning's coffee segment sponsored by subway restaurants. the official training restaurant of michael phelps.
9:20 am
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9:23 am
to be your loving and faithful wife. >> in plenty and in want. >> in joy and sorrow. >> in sickness and in health. >> as both as we both shall live. >> wow. that touching moment was broadcast on a live tv show called brides and grooms that aired right here on cbs way back in 1952. >> and cyrus and joanne are still married and will celebrate their diamond anniversary 60 years together this wednesday, march 28th. so, we brought them back to new york for the first time since they were married right here on cbs. welcome to both of you. happy anniversary. >> thank you. >> thank you for spending some time with us. what was it like to see that time 60 years ago where you're getting married on television? >> it brings tears. >> it does. >> that's a lot of living.
9:24 am
a lot of living. it's been wonderfuling wonderful memories. >> when you find a girl like joan joanne, you don't pass it up. >> what do you say to joanne when she comes to you and says, oh, by the way, let's do this on television? >> i don't think television had been invented when we did this. >> you said, what's television? >> yeah. we go to the movies. >> no television at that time. >> 1952, a long time ago. probably a lot of your family and friends weren't able to watch it on television. let's take another look at your wedding and hear from that and then we'll get reaction from you. >> we dated pretty steady fort next two weeks and i decided it would be a good way to impress her if i acted like a gentleman, so i didn't try to kiss her or hold hands or anything. that didn't work so well either. >> what was the matter, joanne? >> well, after a certain length of time i began to wonder about him. so after going steady for two weeks i asked him if he was ever
9:25 am
going to kiss me, and he did. >> well, i'm glad he did. did you continue dating that spring? >> yes, we dated regularly throughout that spring. in fact, at the end of about a year, we had about 19,000 miles on this car that i was trying to pay for. >> did i understand you to say -- >> nothing like getting interviewed on your wedding day. when you hear that, what do you -- you're so young there. >> are you trying to say i don't look young? >> you don't look a day over that. >> nothing's changed. >> that's right. >> no, she's been a lovely, lovely girl all through these years. i couldn't have found anybody any better. well, she won't let me talk about her. so, i talk about her mother who was a fine woman. this is a result. >> well, you're very modesting, both from duncan, oklahoma. i heard you came to new york for the first time and you haven't been back here since. >> that's right. >> what's it been like to be back in the city? i assume things have changed. >> changed dramatically but we
9:26 am
were focused on one thing when we came the first time, we were focused on one thing when he can came this time, so we've enjoyed seeing the city again but haven't spent a lot of time other than here. >> we want to bring out the person who's responsible for getting you back to new york. >> oh, yes. >> your grandson, luke. nyu student who initially -- he's coming out with a little treat for the two of you to say happy anniversary. >> you've been baking! >> he did each of the flowers himself. >> i did. >> we appreciate it. >> oh, thanks. >> thank you, luke. >> what originally got you interested in making sure that they got this attention? >> well, i mean, when you have a story like this, how can you not share it? and i think it's the true american love story. it's so cute. i'm so proud of them. >> it's adorable. we love it. thank you for being with us, you guys. >> thank you for coming here to celebrate as we really appreciate. cyrus, joanne, luke, thank you so much.
9:27 am
>> we'll have champagne on the break. >> a toast. >> we'll be right back.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
welcome back. have you ever noticed, ladies, guys they can't seem to think straight when you're near them. according to a new study, it a fact. men are not as smart with women around. we're going to take a look with two relationship experts on whether or not this is truth or fiction. >> i'm very interested to hear how that goes down. he tried to climb the corporate ladder but decided to be a corporate chef instead. john will talk about how he becomes one of new york's
9:31 am
hottest chefs, his gibson guitar. >> joan osborn is still here "one of us" as well as her new hit single. over to another one of us, lonnie quinn with the final check of the weather. >> i can't quite get my thoughts straight for the weather. you're too close here. i have women around me. i can't think straight. hey, i want to ask you guys this because this is the time of morning, stay with me, you too. it is national -- what is today? national -- what do you think? any guesses? what have you got? >> it's always something. last week was corn dog day. >> that was last week. it is national chocolate-kcoverd raisin day. my peeps -- world meteorological association day yesterday. commemorating the founding. hello to my peeps out there. storm system will push into the northeast giving you a less than
9:32 am
wonderful day. storm system out west, you go above 7,000 feet, we're looking at anywhere from 1 to 2 feet of snow. the first full weekend of springtime, still winter out there. that's a quick look at the national picture. here's a closer look at the weather for your weekend and the raisinettes. you know what, it is that time. it is my shout out this morning which goes to those pin ball wizards in grapevine, texas. they're hosting the texas pinball festival this very weekend. not only great door prizes but also a kid's bump and win tournament. we want to thank everybody for watching "cbs morning saturday." make it a great day. over to you guys. >> lonnie, thank you.
9:33 am
i want to meet your weather peeps sometimes. >> my weather peeps. >> speak of my peeps, guys, do you sometimes feel like this when you're around women? >> i've never seen that happen in real life but a new study says men, well, they basically get stupid when they're around women. here to discuss that, relationship experts ian kerner and lauren, author of "the yoga club." thank you for being here. i want to ask you first off, is this the real deal? >> well, i don't think it's men getting stupid. you know, when a guy's having a normal conversation like we're having right now, we're using the prefrontal cortex of our brain. >> is this okay with you? >> i'm talking to you. hold on. see, what happens -- seriously, when you go from having a normal conversation to talking to an
9:34 am
attractive woman, what happens is you go from using the prefrontal cortex to using more primitive parts of the brain that actually start to trigger arousal. so, a guy will, you know, maybe start to sweat a little, his heart rate will go up, his respiration, his pulse will increase, so there are physiological changes but it's not getting stupid. in some ways, it can get you smarter. it can get you primed. it can get you a little exhilarated and excited and even potentially a little focused. >> is this just women you're attracted to or women in general, is there something biological there? >> ask him. i think this study is crap. i'll tell you why -- i'm sick of studies that have these gender stereotypes that we have to fit into. people are individuals. this study in particular, it was 71 people. by the way, they don't report ethnicity, what am i going to assume? everyone is white? 71, white college students in the netherlands. i don't think americans function
9:35 am
the same way they do. we're socialized differently. if you meet someone of a different gender you don't go, oh, my god. you know how to have communication with them. our whole world is different than theirs is. that's the first thing. the second thing is, what about gay men? you have two male brain there is so they both go -- it doesn't make any sense. studies like this take away from individualalty. i don't want to pigeon hole anybody. >> the evolution -- evolutionary speaking, there is a courtship mechanism. when a guy potentially is face to face with an attractive woman, you know, there is the courtship mechanism kicks in. even if it's a business relationship. we are still programmed. we have evolutionary programming. so, i think in some ways the study, while a very small sample, does potentially reflect a larger truth. that when a guy is in the presence, particularly of an attractive woman, will he undergo mental and physiological changes. >> the fact that he's saying
9:36 am
those physiological changes will make them smarter, do you buy that? >> you always want your partner to be smarter, right? but, i -- he knows that research better than i do. i have to look at this study and look at the validity of it. there's a lot of problems with this methodology. >> imagine when you're giving a speech be a presentation. you might get nervous and mruserred and you can totally lose your train of thought and mess up, or you might get really sharp and focused and really nail it. >> and this study says they get dumber. i would rather listen to him because -- it's something -- if somebody is going to fall into a stereotype, i would rather fall into this one than the study -- >> i feel smarter. >> i hope i can get through the rest of the show without stumbling and fumbling. >> good look. >> thank you so much. we really appreciate it. coming up next, maybe you can help me with this one -- >> all right. he quit the 9 to 5 to be one of new york's hottest chefs. john delucchi will dish about his ultimate dish. >> you did it. a bold new favorite -- steak. two has
9:37 am
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♪ new york ♪ there's nothing you can't do ♪ now you're in new york >> this morning on "the dish" a celebrity chef who dent step foot in a professional kitchen until his 30s. before that john delucie was an executive recruiter. >> chef and proprietor of two of new york's hottest restaurants,
9:40 am
now a best selling author and he loves his gibson guitar. this morning he brought his ultimate dish, i'm going to say this wrong, poccari el sugo. >> close. nice to be here. you know more about me than most people do. >> because we're obsessed. >> what do we know about what's on our plate so i can start eating? >> this is food you might get if you came to my house on a sunday with my parents. this is real simple, pasta with a tomato sauce and my mother's fantastic artichoke -- stuffed artichoke and broccoli sauteed with garlic and chile. >> tomato sauce is so flavorful. it's really good. >> basically four ingredients. >> so good. >> i'll have some, too. you brought in a cocktail and dessert. >> pare juice with vodka. perfect drink this hour of the morning. >> it really is. i can atus to that. >> i'm going to use this as orange juice from now on. >> you start out as an executive
9:41 am
recruiter. what inspires to you get in the kitchen? >> well, back in -- when i started, you mean? >> back in the day. >> back in the day it was a necessity. i couldn't really do recruiting one more day and i really wanted -- >> mentally? >> no. >> you didn't to want? >> i didn't want to do it anymore. i had always cooked this kind of food for my friends coming over. i thought, you know what, maybe i could do it professionally. so, i took a class at the new school. 21 years ago, here i am, sitting with you guys. >> you hit it out of the park. >> the career shift was inspi inspiring. what advice do you have for people looking to make a shift but are scared to do it? >> well, listen, i think when you have something you really love, and you're doing something you really -- i never feel like i'm going to work. i never feel -- i feel like a big challenge that i'm going to have during the day, but i never feel like i'm at work or going to work. if you can create a situation for yourself where that's how you feel every day, that's what you need to do. go for it.
9:42 am
>> and what's with the gibson guitars? >> my dad is a musician, a jazz musician. i always played music. you know, so i've just continued with my passion, my hobby. >> nice. >> which is music. >> i would say you're a pretty lucky man to have your love of food, your career is working out great and then you have your guitars. >> super lucky. >> super lucky. you consider yourself lucky. of all the things you feel you must have in your home kitchen, what would it be? >> probably champagne. i don't know. >> what about some chocolate? >> my absolute favorite thing in the world is dark chocolate. i have it morning, noon and night. >> with your champagne. >> you're like me f you open my refrigerator, it's water and dark chocolate, and maybe some champagne. >> we ask everyone this who comes to "the dish" f you could enjoy this meal with anyone, who would it be? >> my family. i've had this meal many, many
9:43 am
times with my family and i hope to are it many more times. >> we have a tradition here as well that everyone who comes on the program signs a dish for us and we put it up on our wall and then we look at it and really enjoy it because it gives us memories of the great meals and fun fooef had here. chef john delucie. >> this is excellent. >> nice to have me here. >> more on john and "the dish" head to our website she dared to ask, what if god was one of us. joan osborn performs live in our studio.
9:44 am
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cause only he brings delicious cadbury crème eggs, while others may keep trying. nobunny knows easter better than cadbury! ♪ this morning in our "second cup cafe," singer/songwriter joan osborne. way back in 1995 when joan osborne hit the top ten on the charts with a song that dared to ask "what if god was one of us."
9:47 am
her latest cd will be released monday. >> we're thrilled joan is here this morning to sing "i'm qualified" from her new cd, ladies and gentlemen, joan osbor osborne. ♪ if you need a girl beside you ♪ ♪ i'll give you satisfaction ♪ all my work is guaranteed ♪ if you you're looking for somebody ♪ ♪ to stand by your side ♪ oh i'm qualified ♪ take a chance with me baby
9:48 am
♪ if you need someone to cry to ♪ ♪ wipe away your tears if you need someone to lie to ♪ ♪ i'll be glad to lend an ear ♪ if you want someone to love you take your hand and be your guide ♪ ♪ oh i'm qualified ♪ take a chance with me baby ♪ i'm qualified i'm qualified ♪ ♪ come on and take a chance with me baby ♪ ♪ i'm qualified i'm qualified ♪ ♪ come on and take a chance with me baby ♪ ♪
9:49 am
♪ ♪ i ain't much more morning ♪ all i know is what i've heard ♪ ♪ but i'd gladly chance it darling if you only say the word ♪ ♪ if you want someone to to play with ♪ ♪ i'll be there by your side ♪ ♪ oh i'm qualified ♪ take a chance with me baby ♪ i'm qualified i'm qualified ♪ ♪ come on and and take a chance with me ♪ ♪ i'm qualified i'm qualified ♪ ♪ come on and take a a chance with me baby ♪ ♪
9:50 am
♪ oh oh oh >> nice. >> joan he's boosborne, thank y. >> that was wonderful. >> you are qualified to make another amazing album. >> thank you. >> how did you choose want to cover here? >> it was difficult but i had a bunch of songs had i always wanted to do. i asked some people who are real scholars of this music, blues and soul music for us ises and the label had suggestions. we went through dozens and dozens and dozens of songs before we picked the right ones. >> it must be fun to do this new material. but your song "one of us" you're so well known for that. are you surprised it's such a big hit years later? >> it seems to have a life of its own. i think because it was sort of an innocent song asking a question instead of telling you what you're supposed to think, asking you what you believe, that's why it still has the resonance today that it did back then. >> will you sing it for us? >> you'll sing it for us coming
9:51 am
up next? >> yes, we will. >> thank you so much. we'll be back with "one of us." >> announcer: this "second cup cafe" segment sponsored by coffee mate natural bliss. ♪ made with only milk... cream... a touch of sugar... and pure natural flavors. ♪ who knew being natural could be so delicious? coffee-mate natural bliss. from nestle. add your flavor naturally.
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erica hill as a look at what's happening monday on "cbs this morning." >> good morning. on monday america's top commander in afghanistan general john allen will talk about the future of the u.s. mission and when more troops could be coming home. we're also covering the pope's historic visit to mexico and cuba with a look at how he hopes to help democrat i. that's coming up monday at 7 :00 on "cbs this morning." >> looking forward to that. also coming up next week on "cbs this morning" it is -- it's judgment day. i think we can call it that.
9:55 am
>> oh, yeah. >> time for the final four of the ncaa basketball tournament. we'll be live in new orleans with a preview of the big game. >> that should be exciting. >> but we leave you today with an encore performance from joan osborne performing her classic hit "one of us". >> have a great weekend, everybody. >> take care. ♪ ♪ if god had a name what would it be and would you call it to his face if you were faced with him ♪ ♪ with all his glory what would you ask if you had just one question ♪ ♪ and yeah yeah god is great ♪ ♪ yeah yeah
9:56 am
god is good ♪ ♪ yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah ♪ ♪ what if god was was one of us ♪ ♪ just a slob like one of us ♪ ♪ just a stranger on the bus trying to make his way home ♪ ♪ if god had a face what would it look like ♪ ♪ and would you want to see if seeing meant you would have to believe in things like heaven ♪ ♪ and in jesus and saints and all the prophets ♪ ♪ yeah yeah god is great ♪ ♪ yeah yeah god is good ♪
9:57 am
♪ and yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
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